Turnkey waveguide services simplify upgrades of high-capacity microwave links

Remotely located microwave tower : Axsera Turnkey waveguide service

Telecommunications operators are making major investments in multi-channel, long-range microwave systems to deliver Gigabit bandwidths to outlying areas. In many cases these radios require precisely designed and manufactured waveguide systems.

Working with some of Canada’s largest network operators Axsera has developed a cost-effective Turnkey Waveguide Service that offers faster deployments while delivering reliable results without on-site reworks.

Technical and Operational Challenges

High-power, high-order modulation radios from Nokia, NEC, and other manufacturers can deliver the Gigabit performance required to meet surging broadband demand, but operators still need to connect these multi-channel radios to the antenna system, and waveguides are often the best solution. But waveguides have their own challenges:image of/de twisted waveguide - Axsera turnkey waveguide services

  • Multi-channel operation requires more complex waveguide systems.
  • The new waveguide system must work around existing radio equipment, and enable a smooth cutover from old systems.
  • Misalignments and problems with flanges are expensive and time-consuming to fix in the field.
  • Complex shapes and twist waveguides may be required to fit into tight spaces, but are tricky to manufacture.

These challenges have resulted in operators putting up with long delivery times, paying premium pricing, and dispatching key personnel to remote locations to do on-site soldering and assembly of partially-finished waveguides.

A solution that combines advanced manufacturing and on-site services

To overcome these drawbacks, Axsera has developed a turnkey waveguide service that takes care of every aspect of design, manufacturing and deployment of waveguide systems.

Using 3D CAD/CAM engineering techniques to ensure rapid delivery and high performance at cost-effective price points, Axsera handles all on site survey activities, fabrication and testing. Our systems are designed for quick and trouble-free installation, and Axsera also offers a full installation service for customers that need on-site resources

test fitting a waveguide systemWith dozens of deployments under our belts, Axsera has the real-world experience to avoid mistakes and reduce mobilizations and on-site time. Because mistakes found in the field are expensive to fix, especially when helicopters are involved.

To find out if an Axsera waveguide solution can help you with your microwave deployments, contact info@axsera.com.









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