The two biggest reasons companies outsource technical field services

March 23, 2017, Montreal, Quebec.

Axsera : The two biggest reasons companies outsource technical field services.

When I talk to technology developers and telecommunications service providers about outsourcing their technical field services, many potential clients can see the benefits. But how do companies know when is the right time to trust an outside provider with a major portion of their customer-facing operation? In Axsera’s experience, the two major drivers of outsourcing decisions are:

  • Being “too successful”
  • Going beyond the usual borders

Being too successful: Basically, when expanding companies need additional field services to keep up with customer demands, the pressure to keep delivering on deployment commitments can lead to hard-to-control growth of staffing levels in field services, and difficulty managing logistics costs so that field service operations remain profitable. Outsourcing part of your field services activities to a specialized and trusted provider like Axsera means that you can maintain control of costs while still meeting delivery commitments. And unlike freelancers, Axsera develops expert technicians that are dedicated to your product or service, and integrated into your company’s workflow.

Going beyond the usual borders: Geography is an unavoidable factor in field services. The need to have personnel on-site means that to cover larger areas and new geographies more technicians are needed and travel costs increase; while remoteness from headquarters means field operations may be farther from service managers’ comfort zone. In these situations, Axsera has successfully stepped in to support clients that need technical services outside of their traditional home markets. For example, for one of our clients based in Western Canada, Axsera provides all technical services in Ontario and points east, including the arctic.

If you need to deploy or support high technology products and services, and you’re looking for ways to ensure that your field projects remain profitable, consider outsourcing your field technical services. To find out more about how Axsera can help, consult our workforce solutions web page, or contact us directly.

Fernando Donoso, Director of Marketing, Axsera Inc.

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