Sample Projects

Working closely with customer specialists, Axsera’s designers and project managers develop a project concept to meet initial requirements, as well as plan to address future needs.

Shown here are two (2) projects where Axsera designed and installed complex systems to monitor operations at remote locations of large industrial operations.

Hydro - monitoring waterways, microwave networkA major hydro-electric energy producer
required monitoring of waterways
surrounding its large dams and generating
facilities, scattered over an area of some
100 km2. The map shows the layout of the
microwave network, which transmits video
images from 15 sites, to one centralized
control center. (click image to enlarge).
(source : Hydro Québec)


Bird's eye view of Raglan mine site.

In the far north of Québec (Canada), a major
mining and processing operation required
voice and high-speed video communications
between its mining site, processing facilities,
sea port, and air strip; all separated by many
tens of kilometres. Axsera designed and
installed a wireless network to provide
these services. (click image to enlarge).
(source : Raglan Mine)