So, what is a workforce solution?

It’s all about partnerships and turn-key services

July 15, 2016, Montreal, Quebec.

Axsera has just updated its website to highlight our workforce solutions service packages. A lot of people know Axsera as a technical services company, and a provider of wireless technology. But a few people have asked me, “What is a workforce solution, and how is it different from normal service work?”

A workforce solution is more than the typical service provided by a contractor or placement agency. And the difference lies in two aspects: partnership and turn-key service delivery.

The first aspect is about partnership. An Axsera workforce solution is an ongoing partnership, unlike a contractor who usually has responsibility for very specific deliverables – installing equipment in a co-location facility, for example – and once those responsibilities are finished starts looking for the next job.  In a workforce solution, Axsera delivers technical services as a normal, ongoing part of our clients’ operations. Although we typically start with a small commitment, over time we become part of our clients’ team, and as we like to say “We wear your t-shirt!”

The second part is turn-key service. Unlike a placement agency – a so-called “body shop” – Axsera doesn’t just find people to fill positions for our clients. We essentially run a part of our clients’ technical services group. That means that once we get the “GO” order from the client, the service is turn-key: we handle all travel arrangements, interface with the end-user if that’s what our client prefers, and coordinate with the clients’ technical support organization and NOC as required.  For the client, it’s transparent, painless and the costs are predictable.

For many technology vendors and network operators, it makes more sense to concentrate their resources on R&D or New Product Introduction than to build up and manage a large field workforce. Our clients have found it more profitable to let Axsera take over a significant portion of their field work. To prove the point, Axsera has never ended a workforce solution partnership. All of our client engagements have been long-term and mutually profitable.

Where, and when, a workforce solution fits into our clients operations will be the subject of a future post.  In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more, consult our workforce solutions web page.

Fernando Donoso, Director of Marketing, Axsera Inc.

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