Repairs List


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OEM Description Part Number
ADC ADSL2 CO line unit H2TU-C-231 L72
ADC HDSL 4W CO line unit H4TU-C-231 L52
ADC HDSL2 CO line unit H2TU-C 319 L72
ADC Remote dual slot enclosure HRE 422 L4
ADC Remote line unit H2TU-R-402 L72
ADC Video Card DV6101VEM
Alcatel-Lucent 3ds3/sts Intf. 644-0081-013
Alcatel-Lucent 6GHz Power Amplifier 3DH03218AC
Alcatel-Lucent ADM GIC2 PBA 3AL00320BA
Alcatel-Lucent ADU MDR6000 (Fan Card) 695-7045-001
Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel Relay intc 644-0089-001
Alcatel-Lucent All MDR 4000 Product Line
Alcatel-Lucent All MDR 5000 Product Line
Alcatel-Lucent All MDR 6000 Product Line
Alcatel-Lucent All MDR 7000 Product Line
Alcatel-Lucent All MDR 8000 Product Line
Alcatel-Lucent All MDR 9500 Product Line
Alcatel-Lucent Blower Assembly 695-3363-302
Alcatel-Lucent Blower Assembly 695-3363-303
Alcatel-Lucent CE-16R-1 Voltage Regulator 622-6476-001
Alcatel-Lucent CLK202 Clock ICS 3AL00136
Alcatel-Lucent Controller 644-0092-001
Alcatel-Lucent Controller 644-0082-003
Alcatel-Lucent Controller AE-37Y-1 3DH03155AA (AB)
Alcatel-Lucent Cooling shelf 4 fans 3EC37933AB
Alcatel-Lucent Cooling Unit 3 FAN FRU 81-3864-01-00-A
Alcatel-Lucent Cooling Unit 3 FAN FRU 90-7312-01-00-A
Alcatel-Lucent Demodulator 644-0068-003
Alcatel-Lucent Demodulator 644-0068-004
Alcatel-Lucent Demodulator 644-0125-002
Alcatel-Lucent Demodulator 644-0166-001
Alcatel-Lucent Demodulator 644-0247-001
Alcatel-Lucent Demodulator 644-0247-003
Alcatel-Lucent Demodulator 644-0247-005
Alcatel-Lucent Demodulator 644-0247-010
Alcatel-Lucent Demodulator 644-0247-011
Alcatel-Lucent Demodulator 822-0353-005
Alcatel-Lucent Demodulator UD-36AF-3 644-0113-00x
Alcatel-Lucent DMI 102 CCL 625611-000-002
Alcatel-Lucent Down Converter 622-8887-001
Alcatel-Lucent Down Converter 622-9750-001
Alcatel-Lucent Down Converter 644-0172-00x
Alcatel-Lucent Down Converter 644-0203-001
Alcatel-Lucent Down Converter 644-9750-001
Alcatel-Lucent DS3 Muldem 622-8915-001
Alcatel-Lucent DS3 Muldem FD-37C-3
Alcatel-Lucent DX-35H-6 Transmit intf 622-9743-006
Alcatel-Lucent DX-35P I/O Intf OC3 3EM03134Ax
Alcatel-Lucent DX-36F-6 Receive Interface 666-0003-006
Alcatel-Lucent EVLT card 3FE25389AA
Alcatel-Lucent Fan Assembly 3EM14098
Alcatel-Lucent Fan Assembly 3EM19148
Alcatel-Lucent Fan Assembly 967-0500-001
Alcatel-Lucent Fault Alarm Card 288-0351-001
Alcatel-Lucent Fault Alarm Intf. 822-0350-001
Alcatel-Lucent FIB SP101 Multiplexer
Alcatel-Lucent Flex 3AL47849
Alcatel-Lucent Flex Point 3EM06812
Alcatel-Lucent FTM111 Fiber Optical TR 625214-0058-005
Alcatel-Lucent I/O Conditioner 822-0355-005
Alcatel-Lucent I/O Conditioner 822-0356-005
Alcatel-Lucent I/O Expan 644-0093-001
Alcatel-Lucent I/O Interface 3DH03131
Alcatel-Lucent I/O Interface 3DH03169A
Alcatel-Lucent I/O Interface 3EM16169
Alcatel-Lucent I/O Interface 3EM16610
Alcatel-Lucent I/O Interface 644-0094-001
Alcatel-Lucent IF Amplifier 622-8603-012
Alcatel-Lucent IF Combiner 622-6030-00x
Alcatel-Lucent input conditioner 644-0100-013
Alcatel-Lucent Input Conditioner 644-0110-0xx
Alcatel-Lucent LBO card and cable MDR4000 690-3703-001
Alcatel-Lucent LBO card and cable MDR4000 690-3703-002
Alcatel-Lucent LBO card and cable MDR4000 690-3703-002
Alcatel-Lucent Liteceiver Transceiver 622-8374-005
Alcatel-Lucent Local Oscillator 622-9776-001
Alcatel-Lucent Local Oscillator 622-9776-002
Alcatel-Lucent Low Power Amp. 622-9775-004
Alcatel-Lucent MDR4000 Fan Assembly 694-2009-001
Alcatel-Lucent MDR4000 Local Oscillator 644-0080-00x
Alcatel-Lucent MDR4000 RF switch 695-4146-001
Alcatel-Lucent MDR4000 Source Assy 622-9466-001
Alcatel-Lucent MDR5000 Demodulator 822-0054-007
Alcatel-Lucent MDR5000 Modulator 622-9662-011
Alcatel-Lucent MDR5000/6000 radio Osc 622-9203-00x
Alcatel-Lucent MDR6000 LBO module 695-7044-001
Alcatel-Lucent MDR6000 Modulator 644-0067-00x
Alcatel-Lucent MDR6000 Power Amplifier 644-0327-00x
Alcatel-Lucent MDR8000 6GHz Receiver 3DH03132Ax
Alcatel-Lucent MDR8000 Dual Receiver 3EM06561
Alcatel-Lucent MDR8000 Receiver 3DH04175AG
Alcatel-Lucent MDR8000 Receiver 3EM09628
Alcatel-Lucent MDR-8606 Transceiver 3DH03137AE
Alcatel-Lucent MDR9400 Tx Radio 3CC13947AAAA 03
Alcatel-Lucent Modulator 644-0112-00x
Alcatel-Lucent Modulator 644-0126-002
Alcatel-Lucent Modulator 644-0167-001
Alcatel-Lucent Modulator 644-0167-017
Alcatel-Lucent Modulator 644-0167-018
Alcatel-Lucent Modulator 644-0246-001
Alcatel-Lucent Modulator 644-0246-002
Alcatel-Lucent Modulator 644-0246-005
Alcatel-Lucent Modulator 644-0246-010
Alcatel-Lucent Muldem 622-8236-001
Alcatel-Lucent Muldem 622-8368-003
Alcatel-Lucent Muldem 694-2009-001
Alcatel-Lucent NEP601 NTWK Processor 3AL00378AD
Alcatel-Lucent OC3 STM-1 Aux Intf 3DH03144
Alcatel-Lucent OC3 STM-1 Aux Intf 3DH03173
Alcatel-Lucent OC3 STM-1 Aux Intf 3EM03367
Alcatel-Lucent OC3 STM-1 Aux Intf 3EM13662
Alcatel-Lucent OSC BD 3DH03190
Alcatel-Lucent Oscillator 277-0631-120
Alcatel-Lucent Oscillator Card UM-62AX 3DH04123Ax
Alcatel-Lucent OSS Interface 644-0091-001
Alcatel-Lucent Output conditioner 644-0111-0xx
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 3DH03218AF
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 3DH03218AG
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 3DH04135AAAA
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 3DH04136
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 3EM04070
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 3EM09037AA
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 644-0066-005
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 644-0066-008
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 644-0132-001
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 644-0156-001
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 644-0327-006
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 695-0523-003
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 822-0172-006
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 822-0185-002
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 822-0185-005
Alcatel-Lucent Power Amplifier 822-0185-006
Alcatel-Lucent Power Converter PWR402 600282-393-002
Alcatel-Lucent Power Converter PWR801 600308-393-001
Alcatel-Lucent Power Regulator 644-0159-001
Alcatel-Lucent Power Supply 270-0038-010
Alcatel-Lucent Power Supply 270-0038-020
Alcatel-Lucent Power Supply 270-0038-040
Alcatel-Lucent Power Supply PWR801CCLA
Alcatel-Lucent Power Supply TNT-SP-DC-H
Alcatel-Lucent Power Supply CCL 600308-393-001
Alcatel-Lucent Power Supply CE-16BB 3DH03164AB
Alcatel-Lucent RCV Oscillator 277-0642-070
Alcatel-Lucent RCV Oscillator 277-0642-080
Alcatel-Lucent Receiv. Interface Card 644-9995-002
Alcatel-Lucent Receiver UD-36AQ 3DH03239Ax
Alcatel-Lucent RX Interface 644-0095-001
Alcatel-Lucent Satation Control Monitor 644-0005-001
Alcatel-Lucent SNC 315 Network Controller 625230-000-001
Alcatel-Lucent SNC126 card 600013-550-923
Alcatel-Lucent Sync Transpt MDR4102 666-0002-002
Alcatel-Lucent Transmitter 3DH03228
Alcatel-Lucent transmitter 3DH04170
Alcatel-Lucent Transmitter 3EM09626
Alcatel-Lucent Transmitter UD-35AQ 3DH03236Ax
Alcatel-Lucent UD-35 Modulator 622-9662-013
Alcatel-Lucent UD-36AJ-3 Demodulator 644-0173-00x
Alcatel-Lucent UD-36Z-6 Demodulator 822-0054-006
Alcatel-Lucent Unit Encoder 065-2701-01
Alcatel-Lucent Univ Receiver Module UD-36AN 3DH03231AQAA
Alcatel-Lucent Up Converter 622-7884-001
Alcatel-Lucent Up Converter 622-8643-00x
Alcatel-Lucent Up Converter 622-8886-003
Alcatel-Lucent VSCC501 cross connect 3AL00322AA
Alpha Technologies (Compower) 48V Supervisory Panel SP-7848
Amrel Transmission test set Model 186T
Anritsu OTDR Test Set(Batteries) MW9072A
Argus Technologies Dc Dc Converter
Argus Technologies Fuse Panels
Argus Technologies Modular Switches
Argus Technologies Modular Controllers
Argus Technologies Power converters
Argus Technologies Power Modules
Argus Technologies Power Rectifier
Argus Technologies Power Supply
Aspen Motion Tech (APW McLean) 2 fan assembly for cabinet door DB628-2425S14
Aspen Motion Tech (APW McLean) McLean Fan Shelf WP92311-L5
Austron X port input module 234-78302-002-2
AutoFarm OnTrac and OnTrac2
Bogen Communications Paging Amplifier TPU-100A
Bogen Communications Paging Amplifier TPU-60B
Bogen Communications Power Adapter PRS-AS-A-C
Cambium 450 RADIO (3.65 GHz)
Cambium AC/DC Power Supply
Cambium Integrated ODU (5 GHz)
Cambium PMP Access Point
Cambium Power Supply
Cambium Radios
Cambium Switch
CCS Audio Products encoder/decoder CDQ 2001
CMC Communications Communication Controllers
CMC Communications Gateways
CMC Communications Rectifiers
CoastCom Controller unit
CoastCom Dual Channel Card
CoastCom Line Interface card
CoastCom Multiplexer Card
CoastCom PS46 48v Power Supply
Communications Technology Peg Locator C9978
Cook Electric Gas Tube Tester AT-1000
Cray/Anite 81X Openline 905-5156-003
Digital Solar Technologies Controller MPR-9880-03/48V
Digital Solar Technologies Controller with data logging MPR-9880-03/48V/D
Digital Solar Technologies LCD display panel MSC-C242dgm
Digital Solar Technologies Solar Controller card ACM-60001-00
Digital Solar Technologies Solar Controller card MPR-9800
Dynatel Repair List Cable Fault Locator 573A (Batteries)
Dynatel Repair List Cable Fault Locator 573A (Components)
Dynatel Repair List Cable Fault Locator 573DL
Dynatel Repair List Charger for 965DSP AP3962F
EBM Cooling Fan D3G146-AA05
EMERSON Controller Units
EMERSON Power Supplies
Fujikura ARC Fusion Splicer FSM-30R12
Glenayre Power Supply 2041
Glenayre Power Supply 28VDC output 2728
Glenayre Spread spectrum radio HZBLYNX36
Glenayre Transmitter 9T93A4
Harris 5W Power Amplifier SD-98748
Harris Amplifier/Filter SD-97262
Harris DC to DC Converter 097-020131-096
Harris DC to DC Converter SD-107826
Harris Demodulator 101-106910
Harris DVM-10 power Supply SD-107384-001
Harris Line Interface SD-97610-001
Harris Local Oscillator SD-97369
Harris Local Oscillator SD-98788
Harris LR4 Orderwire SD-98013
Harris LR4-2000 Receiver SD-96882-M2
Harris M1-X Line EQPD SD-97604-003
Harris Modem Card SD-98760-M3
Harris Modem Card SD-98760-M4
Harris Muldex SD-98770-M2
Harris Power Supply SD-93643
Harris Power Supply Modem SD-97018-009AY
Harris Power Supply Modem SD-97018-017AY
Harris Prot. Logic SD-97842-001
Harris Protection Alarm SD107325-M3
Harris Quadralink Muldex SD-98770-M2
Harris Quadralink Muldex SD-98770-M3
Harris Quadralink PCB I/O SD-98730
Harris Quadralink Power Sup SD-98732
Harris Quadralink Power Supply 097-098732-001
Harris Quadralink RF/IF Module SD-98740-M2
Harris Receiver Module 192-115039-003
Hewlett Packard Digital Tester 37702A
Hewlett Packard Power Meter 435A
Hewlett Packard Power Meter 437B
Hewlett Packard Power Sensor 8481A
Hewlett Packard T.I.M.S. 4934A
LaMarche Battery Chargers
LaMarche Power Circuit Boards
LaMarche Power Supplies
LaMarche Rectifiers
Leitch Amplifiers
Leitch Power Supplies
Leitch Routers
Leitch Signal Generators
Leitch Video Digital Synchronizers
LENKURT Amplifier units
LENKURT Discriminator baseband amplifier Unit
LENKURT F.M. Oscillator Unit
LENKURT Local Oscillator Unit
LENKURT Mod amp unit
LENKURT Noise Differential Unit
LENKURT Power Converters
LENKURT Receiver pre-amplifier unit
LENKURT XMIT Pilot detector unit
Loraine 6 amp circuit card
Loraine Alarm Interface
Loraine Controller
Loraine Power Supply
Loraine Rectifier
Loraine Ringing Generator T50P
Metrotech Cable Tx. Fault locator Focal II
Navtel HATS2 T1 Tester H2B/EL-JP
Newbridge 24 port ADSL CARD 87-2125-01-06-C
Newbridge 24 port ADSL card 90-6832-01
Newbridge 24 port ADSL card 90-6932-01
Newbridge 3600 Pwr. Sup DC 130W 90-0480-05
Newbridge 36170 DUAL FIC-2 90-2290-03-J
Newbridge 4 Wire T O Card 90-1452-01
Newbridge 50G Switch card 90-4590-01
Newbridge Control Card 90-3346-01/J
Newbridge Control Card 90-3346-01/P
Newbridge Controller Card 90-4669-01-00-R
Newbridge Cooling Unit 90-7312-01
Newbridge CPU 90-4905-0E
Newbridge Ctl & integrated call p 90-8477-02/A
Newbridge Dual SWG CD 90-3598-24
Newbridge Error Detector 421-A
Newbridge Frame Relay Engine 90-1638-03/E
Newbridge Hub Card for 7470 90-3162-02/R
Newbridge Hub Card for 7470 90-3162-14/f
Newbridge Hub Card for 7470 90-3162-15/A
Newbridge MMF W/CPU 90-4905-18/D
Newbridge Module 90-1228-02
Newbridge Mother Board DMM Module 90-2151-03/L
Newbridge Newbridge 3600
Newbridge OC12-2 IR Card 90-6197-41-A
Newbridge OC-3 /STM1 IR card 90-8687-11/A
Newbridge OC3-2 MMF CARD 99-4905-23
Newbridge PRI UFR card 90-2541-41/T
Newbridge Quad T1 CFR-100 OHM R4.2 90-2544-61
Newbridge Single Shelf Hub Card 90-6085-01/P
Newbridge Stratum Card 90-3347-01/B
Newbridge T1 PRI UFR card 90-2541-41/T
Newbridge T1FR Circuit Pack 90-2541-21/G
Newbridge Ultra flex control 2 90-3346-31
Nortel 20A/48V Rectifier QS852A
Nortel 24 port line card NTNP40AA
Nortel 24 port mapper module NTK543NA
Nortel CMD44: 44channel Mux/Demux NTT862BBE5
Nortel CS2000 Processor NTRX51HJ
Nortel DMS-1 4 port line card QPP406B
Nortel DMS-1 4 port line card QPP406F
Nortel DMS-1 5/12 Power Converter QPC85D
Nortel DMS-1 Repeater Card QPP436A
Nortel DMS-100 ASU Procesor NTEX22CA
Nortel DMS-100 battery charger NT8X02AA
Nortel DMS-100 ISDN LCM Processor NTBX34CA
Nortel DMS-100 Link control NT6X40CA
Nortel DMS-100 Link formatter NT6X72AA
Nortel DMS-100 Power Converter NTDX16AA
Nortel DMS-100 Sig. Proc NTMX73AA
Nortel DMS-1REM card QPP405A
Nortel DMS-1REM card QPP405B
Nortel DPN-100 2M Processor ELEM NT7P23AA
Nortel DS1 Mapper NTN430AA
Nortel DS1404038-ES routing switch 8608GBE
Nortel DV45B Coder Board NT2H03CB
Nortel Ext Temp Circuit Pack NT6Q20BAE5
Nortel Fan Assembly NT3X9013
Nortel FDN2400 OC3 Optical Intfc NT8E08BD
Nortel FDN2400 OCI-48 Rcvr NT8E02DD
Nortel FDN2400 Ring Demux NT8E06AB
Nortel FDN2400 Shelf Processor NTCA41BA
Nortel FDN2400 STS48 Transmitter NT8E31BA
Nortel FDN600 Intra office Interface NT7E02PA
Nortel FDN600 OPC module NT7E24BC
Nortel FDN600 OW card NT7E25BA
Nortel Helios Rectifier NT5C07AC
Nortel Line Power Converter QPP439B
Nortel Maintenance Intfc. card NTK505FB
Nortel Meridian 202i call pilot card NTRH31AAE5
Nortel Monitor & Control module NT7H61BD
Nortel MultiService Switch NTMQ01AA
Nortel Nortel FMT-150 Fiber
Nortel OC-12 Quad Tributary Tx/Rx NTCA36BC
Nortel OC-192 Fan module NTCA85BA
Nortel OC24 Ring Trmt NT8E01QB
Nortel OPC module NT7E24AC
Nortel Optra DX OC-48 Dual SR CP NTWR30AA
Nortel P Phone line card NT7A33BA
Nortel Passport DC Pwr Sup NTBP52
Nortel Power Converter NT1H69AB
Nortel Power Converter NT1H69BB
Nortel RD-6C Sync NT1H78CC
Nortel Rectifier SD2427
Nortel SBS Controller Card NTGB07CA 10
Nortel WLAN IP Hand set NTTQ4021E6
Noyes Visual Fault Identifirer VF12
Pair Gain (Lambda) Optical Transceiver DWDM 80km CH21
Pair Gain (Lambda) PG-Flex 24 Ch. CO Line Unit FLL-712
Proctor Dial up test unit 51200F1
Proctor Input Line Control 51051-100
Proctor Rectifier Circuit Card MZ6A50
Pylon DC/AC Inverter
Pylon Power Supplies
Radio Detection Drain Locator RD300
SAFT AEG (SabNife) Power Supply
SAFT AEG (SabNife) Rectifier
Sierra Error Detector 421-A
Sierra Error Detector 421-C
Spaun RF Dist Amplifier HLV 16 F
Symmetricon TOCA Timing Output card 090-40011-02
TAIT Radio Communications Power Amplifier T839-20-0000
Tellabs FOB XCVR Optic card 8100-0270
Thermo Scientific Battery charger Genisis
Thermo Scientific Portable Gas Detector Genesis
Tyco Electronics Yukon 650W Rectifier ES760A
Ubiquiti 2.4GHz Rocket MIMO Airmax
Ubiquiti 5GHz Rocket MIMO Airmax
Ubiquiti 900MHz nanobridge Airmax
Ubiquiti Wireless Access Point
Wescom 48VDC Power Supply 840-00
Wescom 7305-46 Data Channel Intfc 91-730546 ISS3
Ziad Ziad Phone PHD

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