À l’appui de votre réseau

Des réparations rapides et économiques sont essentielles pour assurer le fonctionnement fiable des réseaux de télécommunications. (English version here…) Les réseaux de télécommunications sont à l’épreuve d’une pression extrême pendant la crise COVID-19 en cours. Les opérateurs font face au défi de maintenir les réseaux en fonctionnement pour garantir à tous l’accès aux communications d’urgence […]

Axsera - Telecom Equipment Repairs

Supporting Your Network

Quick, cost-effective repairs are critical to keep telecom networks operating reliably and efficiently (version française ici…) Telecom networks are under extreme pressure during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Operators face the challenge of maintaining networks in operation to ensure everyone has access to emergency communications and Internet access, even under difficult working conditions. Axsera is your […]

Axsera - MT050 Series Dehydrator

Need maintenance for your Andrew or CommScope DryLine dehydrator?

Telecom service providers and utilities across Canada rely on Axsera’s repair service to keep their radio network equipment operating in good order, and Axsera is continually expanding the range of equipment we repair to support our clients. Over the past year, we’ve started maintaining a new category of equipment that operators of long-haul microwave systems […]

Ruckus Ready Partner Program logo

Future-proof networks with high-performance Ruckus Access Points and Ethernet switches

To meet our clients’ requirements for high performance networks they can rely on for business-critical applications, Axsera is proud to partner with Ruckus, a leader in optimized wireless and wired solutions that provide multi-gigabit access capacity. With increasing use of automation and IoT applications, Wi-Fi is becoming more critical and more pervasive in enterprises, distribution […]

Remotely located microwave tower : Axsera Turnkey waveguide service

Turnkey waveguide services simplify upgrades of high-capacity microwave links

Telecommunications operators are making major investments in multi-channel, long-range microwave systems to deliver Gigabit bandwidths to outlying areas. In many cases these radios require precisely designed and manufactured waveguide systems. Working with some of Canada’s largest network operators Axsera has developed a cost-effective Turnkey Waveguide Service that offers faster deployments while delivering reliable results without […]

A sustainment partner prolongs the life of your network and saves you money

Many organizations rely on legacy communications systems for their operations. Often, this reflects the difficulty of justifying capital investment; other times, the legacy communications system supports a legacy application that doesn’t transfer easily to an IP-based environment. While a wholesale system-replacement can have its benefits, it can also be disruptive as well as costly. The […]

Axsera : The two biggest reasons companies outsource technical field services.

The two biggest reasons companies outsource technical field services

March 23, 2017, Montreal, Quebec. When I talk to technology developers and telecommunications service providers about outsourcing their technical field services, many potential clients can see the benefits. But how do companies know when is the right time to trust an outside provider with a major portion of their customer-facing operation? In Axsera’s experience, the […]

Header image of field tech for blog article entitled "So what is a workforce solution?"

So, what is a workforce solution?

It’s all about partnerships and turn-key services July 15, 2016, Montreal, Quebec. Axsera has just updated its website to highlight our workforce solutions service packages. A lot of people know Axsera as a technical services company, and a provider of wireless technology. But a few people have asked me, “What is a workforce solution, and […]

Axsera opens new affiliate – Axsera West – to support telecom service providers and private network operators in Western Canada.

Axsera opens new affiliate – Axsera West

Axsera opens new affiliate – Axsera West – to support telecom service providers and private network operators in Western Canada. April 6, 2016, Montreal, Quebec and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Axsera Inc., a trusted provider of wireless solutions and professional services to network operators and telecom equipment manufacturers, announces the opening of its new regional office in […]