Need maintenance for your Andrew or CommScope DryLine dehydrator?

Axsera - MT050 Series Dehydrator

Telecom service providers and utilities across Canada rely on Axsera’s repair service to keep their radio network equipment operating in good order, and Axsera is continually expanding the range of equipment we repair to support our clients. Over the past year, we’ve started maintaining a new category of equipment that operators of long-haul microwave systems rely on: Dryline dehydrators from Andrew and Commscope. These dehydrators are vital to ensure that waveguide transmission lines and antennas resist water infiltration. Without a dehydrator, once enough water enters the transmission line or antenna the performance of the microwave system can be dramatically impacted.

DryLine dehydrators were originally manufactured by Andrew and are manufactured by Commscope today, following its acquisition of Andrew. So, you might see models in your network under both brands, and they are very similar internally and externally. Since both types of units are fundamentally electric-powered air compressors they may need repairs from time to time, and they also need scheduled overhauls. For example, the MT050 family of dehydrators that Axsera has extensive experience repairing and refurbishing, has a recommended overhaul time of 6000 hours of operation. The operating hours are conveniently shown by the counter on the front face plate of the unit.

If you need to repair or overhaul your DryLine dehydrators, Axsera can provide quick, cost-effective service at our facility in Canada, so you don’t have to deal with the complexity, delay and additional cost of international shipping. Reach out to our repair lab by clicking on the Contact Us button (above), or by clicking here. Get your dehydrator back in service.

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