Future-proof networks with high-performance Ruckus Access Points and Ethernet switches

RUCKUS ICX product equipment

To meet our clients’ requirements for high performance networks they can rely on for business-critical applications, Axsera is proud to partner with Ruckus, a leader in optimized wireless and wired solutions that provide multi-gigabit access capacity.

Ruckus Ready Partner Program logoWith increasing use of automation and IoT applications, Wi-Fi is becoming more critical and more pervasive in enterprises, distribution centres, healthcare facilities, industrial plants, and truck and rail yards. Meanwhile, Internet access in venues, restaurants, and the hospitality industry is stretched to the limit by more powerful, always-connected mobile devices, and bandwidth-hungry, latency-sensitive video applications.

By combining Axsera’s RF and networking expertise with Ruckus access points and switches, we’re helping clients go beyond the limitations of their current Wi-Fi networks. Axsera can support your business to:

  • Overcome capacity constraints in public access networks 
  • Resolve visibility & manageability issues in customer Wi-Fi
  • Ensure corner-to-corner coverage of critical facilities – reliably and with a minimum number of access points.

About Ruckus

logo, Ruckus - an ARRIS company

Ruckus offers solutions including 802.11ac Wave 2 optimized 2.5GbE access points and switches, 802.11ax optimized 2.5/5GbE access point, and 2.5/5/10GbE switches to support next generation Wi-Fi standards. Axsera’s professional services for Ruckus networks cover all aspects of your Wi-Fi upgrade or deployment, including surveys, planning, deployment, and optimization.

If you’re looking for a network you can trust to run your business, give us a few minutes for a fact-finding conversation. Please contact us at info@asxsera.com, or click here.


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