Axsera repairs many types of industrial electronics, including telecom equipment, radio systems, power systems, GPS receivers, and precision farming equipment.



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Your trusted source for telecom and electronics repairs

Telecom service providers, utilities, WISPs, and agricultural enterprises rely on Axsera for repairs of industrial electronics including telecom equipment, radio systems, power systems, GPS and satellite receivers, and precision farming equipment.

Our fully equipped lab and highly skilled technicians offer quick, cost-effective repairs to the component level. We can return your critical equipment to productive service quickly, while simplifying your repair logistics. 

Axsera offers:

  • Product repair and testing
  • Emergency replacement service
  • Around-the-clock product support
  • Customized Service-Level Agreements
  • Warranties

Telecom Equipment

Axsera offers repairs for a number of legacy technologies, including radio systems from SR Telecom, Alcatel, Harris and others, as well as radio and fiber systems from Nortel.

We offer high quality, guaranteed services for:

  • SR Telecom SR500 repairs
  • Alcatel and Alcatel-Lucent Microwave Digital Radios including MDR-4000 repairs, MDR-5000 repairs, MDR-6000 repairs and MDR-8000 repairs
  • Harris Constellation, Quadralink, and LR2-4000 repairs

Axsera also offers independent services for many widely deployed unlicensed radio systems from popular brands such as Cambium repairs and Ubiquity repairs.

Power Systems

Axsera can troubleshoot and repair power systems from ADC, Argus, Glenayre, Leitch, Lorain, Pylon, and Saft/Sabnife.

Precision Farming Equipment

Axsera repairs AutoFarm® and Cultiva precision farming systems, including ATC and ATC 2 units, as well OnTrac™ steering systems.