Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and Repair


Maintenance is a critical aspect of your wireless telecom network. Protect your investment by extending the life of legacy RF wireless equipment that continues to meet your business needs.

Axsera offers:

  • Product repair and testing
  • Emergency replacement service
  • Around-the-clock product support
  • Customized Service-Level Agreements
  • Warranties

Outsource and Save

Axsera has invested in trained technicians, and in testing and repair equipment, so that its clients can avoid the cost of setting up and maintaining their own testing and repair departments. This translates into substantial savings for you as an Axsera client.

Test and Save

To avoid the high cost of equipment failure and product returns, Axsera can save you time and money by testing and repairing equipment that may be sitting idle, or before you install it or relocate it.
Axsera supports wireless telecom equipment from major telecom manufacturers. Read more…