Redline Communications, Axsera partner

Redline Communications is the creator of powerful wide-area wireless networks for the most challenging locations and mission-critical applications. Redline networks are used by oil and gas companies to manage onshore and offshore assets, by utilities and municipalities to remotely monitor infrastructure, and by telecom service providers to deliver premium services.

4RF, Axsera partner

4RF is a global provider of wireless systems used by utilities, private network operators, and telecom service providers in more than 140 countries. Standout products from 4RF include the Aprisa XE long-range point-to-point radios and Aprisa SR/SR+ point-to-multipoint VHF/UHF SCADA radios.

CODAN Land Mobile Radio, Axsera partner

Codan Land Mobile Radio systems are recognized for reliability, low power consumption, and rugged design suitable for the most challenging environments and tactical situations. Building on the Daniels Electronics legacy, Codan technology has been proven in a vast array of applications; from mountaintop base stations and repeaters, to paging, voting, simulcast and trunking solutions for city, county, and province/state-wide systems.

DragonWave, Axsera partner

DragonWave’s award winning point-to-point packet microwave systems lead the industry in capacity, reliability, and spectral efficiency. Dragonwave’s product portfolio includes carrier-grade wireless solutions for cell-site and small-cell backhaul, leased line replacement, last mile fiber extension and enterprise networks. Dragonwave solutions enable service providers, government agencies, and enterprises to meet their increasing bandwidth requirements quickly and affordably.

Hume Lab, Axsera Authorized technical support