Fast Delivery of Filtering and RF Interference Elimination Modules

Image of large Communication tower against cloudy sky outdoors


Axsera is introducing fast delivery of various filters, duplexers, multiplexers, low-pass filters, and Notch filters for interference elimination in the following Communication Networks/Systems :

  • Digital/Analog TV broadcasting networks
  • FM broadcasting systems
  • Cellular networks
  • Paging network systems
  • Ham operator systems
  • WiFi systems
  • Custom systems – SIRIUS Radio

(click here for a detailed description of each service.)

Axsera products are low cost, fast turnaround modules covering the 80 to 3500 MHz frequency range that include these modules :

  1. Bandpass filters
  2. Bandpass filters with integrated Notching
  3. Lowpass filters
  4. Bandstop Notch filters to eliminate interference
  5. Duplexers
  6. Multiplexers (Tx and Rx combiners)
  7. Custom configured Assemblies