About Axsera: Expertise in Wireless Networks

Axsera Inc. is a Canadian company headquartered in Montreal, Canada that offers its customers a wide range of technical services. Our management and engineering staff have extensive experience in the wireless telecommunication field.

We continue to provide field support to telecom operators, and we offer project management and field services to product manufacturers. In further developing our relationships with existing wireless network operators, Axsera also offers repair and maintenance services.

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Axsera introduces a new product line

Axsera WiFi filterIn our continued efforts to broaden our product range and to better serve our clients, Axsera is introducing a rapid delivery system of various filtering and RF interference elimination modules.

We are now equipped to quickly deliver various filters, duplexers, multiplexers, low pass filters, and Notch filters for interference elimination in a wide array of Communication Networks/Systems. From Digital/Analog TV Broadcasting Networks to Cellular Networks and WiFi Systems, our modules are low-cost and high-quality.

We invite you to check out our full list of product modules here.